Meet Ruby: Beijingdaze from a totally biased female perspective!

So, if you’ve notice, the name Ruby has been popping up in the blog quite often lately from gig reviews to album reviews… She’s a dear friend whose as addicted to music and Beijing as I am… Sharing the same addictions, we naturally kept running into each other all over the place.. there was thought of stalking but in the end, everything was in the clear. I’m proud to count her as a friend and to have her input on …. just what the world need, another biased perspective….so…. meet Ruby in her own words:

Ruby moved to Beijing in early 2009 and has been slowly working her way around (and falling asleep in!) the city’s many bars, restaurants and live music venues ever since. After chance meeting between Gwen Stefani and Alice Cooper at Pop-Star KTV, she kept randomly bumping into BeijingDaze at various gigs around town.
Mostly they agree on the city’s musical offerings, but there have been many discussions on whether listening to Xiao He is better or worse than hearing donkeys f**k. After realizing half the city’s population prefers Jean-Sebastian to Daisy Sweetgrass, BD finally let her loose on his blog to give a totally biased female perspective!
You find Ruby mostly hiding in the alleyways and bars of Nanluoguxiang, downing pints watching her favourite sports, or curled up asleep in the corner of that gig she just couldn’t leave. Some wonder if she even has a home to go to?

Your truly will be away from the scene for a few weeks but fear not, Ruby will be haunting live venues (and falling asleep at various corners) around Beijing while I am away….

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