quickslants: French Teenage Riot, Sparrow returns and some food for the mind

Hallo… miss me? Of course not! Especially with the lovely Ruby at the helm while I was away keeping things in control and bringing the goodies. Well, I’m baaaaack and ready for some good music to recover from almost 3 weeks of deprivation. We’re on home stretch for the world cup but there are definitely some great goodies on the menu this week:

Wednesday July 7:

Malakwa @ Yugong Yishan: Never heard of them before but I really like the promo picture and the descriptions. Support courtesy of Evening News ( liked what i saw of them a few months back), First Day of Autumn and Mythomania. Not a bad gig to ease back into the week and it’s only 30rmb at the door. Looking forward to hearing the improved sound system at Yugong Yishan.

Thursday July 8:

nothing of substance so it might be worth going to the lesser known venues and experiment.

Friday July 9:

Abigail & Friends @ The One: The sparrow returns and brings her friends along for an evening of jolly good and inspiring roots music. Expect Hanggai to make a few appearance as well as other guests! This one might be the highlight of the week for me. See the 10 questions i did with Abigail last year for reference.

Misandao 10th @Mao: been a while since i mentioned Mao Live on here. If roots ain’t your thing, this is definitely one hell of a good alternative with one of the better punk bands in China. Misandao is old school, they live, eat, breathe and sleep punk in its purest form.. I wish Abigail picked another night to visit.

Saturday July 10:

July bookswap & Boardgames @ Sequoia: our monthly gathering at Sequoia Cafe to swap books, shoot the shit, meet new people and have a jolly good time playing board games. been doing it for 2 years by now… how time flies.. how time flies! starts at 2:00 pm

Jess & Ember @Bookworm: Jess Meider and Ember Swift unite for an evening of songwriting and storytelling at the bookworm. This is the last opportunity to catch Jess before she heads back to the US for the summer. Expect smooth vocals, soothing sounds and just 2 of the most beautiful smiles Beijing has to offer.

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