Beijing live music quickslants: Wang Faye comeback, SUBS return

It’s been one hell of a week here a Daze HQ and the weekend couldn’t arrive fast enough.. No quickslants this week as to be honest with you, I didn’t see anything worth going out of the way for. That said, there are some cool happening in the next few months to mention:

Return Of the Diva:

After a hiatus of 7 years, Wang Faye is coming back to the stage. Now normally, I don’t wet myself over pop artists, especially canto-mando-asio-pop but this lady is the exception. I’ve known of Wang Faye long before my journey to the middle kingdom and have enjoyed here interpretations of famous “western” songs for a while. Her role in Chungking Mansion is still a reference and “eyes on you” or “hong dou” just make me weep. Well, her shows are announced for end of October and early november 2010. As of now, all 300, 500 and 2500 RMB tickets are sold out for the 5 shows… yup… so get in quickly if you wanna get a 1000 RMB one. It’s a the wukesong arena and all the information is available online here:

The Queen of F–king everthing

The SUBS are currently roaming around on tour supporting their latest album but we should be getting them back in Beijing shortly.. The official album launch is scheduled for July 23rd at Mao Livehouse! I did get a little taste of things to come a few weeks back at Zippo Hot Nights and I’m really looking forward to hearing more. Kang Mao is growing on me like a fungus and by all accounts, she’s getting better. A musician whose opinion means a lot to me said that she’s limiting herself by working with SUBS only… anyways, this is one show I’ll be at definitely. Check out the write up about “Queen of fucking everthing” on NeoCHA: