Beijing’s own Lester Bangs: Pete DeMola

I spend a lot of time out at shows trying to stay in touch with the music scene and writing about it as much as I can but really from a fan perspective. I do manage to get around the Gulou area, yugong yishan, 2 Kolegas etc… and have a good sense of the scene’s pulse. Except for what’s taking place in Wudaokou….. It’s too freaking far away!

No matter how people feel about D-22, one has to give them credit and recognize their status in Beijing and maybe even China as a hotbed for something big… and no one knows it better than Pete DeMola! We could argue that the guy can be brutal in his writing, judgmental and even pretty darn sarcastic but tell you what, he can back it up!

He just wrote an amazingly inspired piece over at We Live in Beijing and if you care about the music in any shape of form, do yourself a favor and go read the damn thing! The scene that Pete describes makes me wanna head over there asap and experience it for myself.

Pete’s knowledge of the music scene and the newest bands/acts is hard to top and conversations with him are always a joy! Hit the link to read it for yourself:

At That Moment I Thought, I Thought I Really Saw Music‘ by Pete DeMola

would love to hear your thoughts on it! In the meantime, I’m gonna go work on bribing Pete with some baijiu for a 10 questions.

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3 Responses

  1. Wow. That sounds amazing. Makes me really want to go back to Beijing. I love experimental music like that. This is great. Thanks for keeping me up to date with the scene!

    Confused LaoWai

  2. Josh Feola says:

    thanks for the share. i saw your post through the twitter grapevine and read pete’s article. very well done. i just wrote a complementary post about Beijing’s OTHER tuesday experimental music night, waterland kwanyin, thought you might be interested: