Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Flaming Hot list, Women & Grass

Interesting weekend ahead music wise in Beijing with a few good – if not great- shows going head to head with a music festival over 3 days. So check out the Inmusic Festival post for more details about getting your fix of blue sky & grass (maybe) they have some decent acts lined up, especially on Friday… and look below for what could tickle your fancy this weekend in town.


Nothing really recommended here.. most smaller venues might have acts on but it could be a good night to just chill and take it easy.

Friday July 30th:

Zippo Hot List #3 @Yugong yishan:
The zippo folks are really serious about this little affair and they’re reaching their third installment. On the menu tonight, you will find Guaili, Ourself Beside Me, Snapline and White which is one of the weirder combos i’ve heard of in a while. Guaili is slowly sky rocketing to the top level of live acts in Beijing and Ourself Beside Me are great when they’re on a good night ( please girls, drink a 1/5 of jim Beam before the gig). Snapline and White intrigue me… side projects that might be better than the ones they spun out of.

Lone + Zhan Pan @ VA Vanguard:
Lone includes China’s answer to Jim Morrison in the form of former Joyside voice, Bian Yuan. That’s the kind pedigree that makes me wanna go out and check it out. It’s gonna be tough balancing these two gigs on friday. I’ve also never been to Vanguard so even more intriguing.

Saturday July 31

Women @ Mao:
continuing on their themed series, Mao throws in one with the ladies: Autumn Waters, Candy Monster, Galaxy Band, Holy Loves, Lacerate and Nightingale all come out to celebrate women in music. I’ve heard Candy Monster before and they’re ok but I’ve never even seen the other names listed anywhere. Still, a quick stroll on myspace turns in enough samples to get me interested. Lacerate , heavily inspired by slayer/metallica) supposedly has a woman vocalist but it don’t sound like it. The others navigate murky muddy waters between folk and rock. color me intrigued yet again!

as usual, there’s plenty of other gigs happening out there and you never know when you might discover some gem, some diamond in the rough… so get out and listen!

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