News to Ooze and music quickslants all in one: HOTB is back, ZIYO lineup and the Old guard

This week’s shows:

Ok.. No real quickslants this week in music as all the good gigs seem to be happening on friday with one or two exceptions: Back to Basic at the worker’s stadium with the old guard that is uniting for the first time ever on the same bill with Cui Jian, Tang Dynasty, Black Panther etc..) or Zippo Hot List at Yugong yishan bringing one of the better lineups so far with Free The Birds ( ZIYO), The Face, Chasing Stars and Bigger Bang.
gongti is mighty appealing and it’s a once in a lifetime lineup but the seating arrangements and security might just be too mafan to risk it. Zippo should be one hell of a show with high octane bands but I can always see them again!

On Saturday, we might witness a rise from the ashes of none other than Hang on the Box… yes folks, Hang on the Box is “back” meaning Gia found a bunch of new girls to jump in with her and rock the boat. I hated her solo stuff but liked her Girl Kill Girl material.. let’s see what this incarnation brings. They’ll have help from non other than RUSTIC and The Dancers on saturday night at the Hot Cat Club…

Random News

Well, you see it up above, HOTB is back meaning Gia and a bunch of new hired guns! I don’t know the story but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. They band’s Douban page is updated with the new lineup and mentions the band reformed July 20th this year

ZIYO ( Free the Birds) uploaded a bunch of new songs to their douban page, mostly accoutsic demos but they’re sounding good. Their show this friday might be the only chance we’ll get to see Helen Feng on stage this summer before she heads off to Germany with Pet Conspiracy. This might also be Mao Mao’s last gig with Free The Birds before he get replaced by Ubuul ( Zhang Si’An’s solo stuff).

Wu & The Side Effects have a new bass player who happens to also play bass for the new band “Purple Smog”, a Hendrix cover band. I saw him this past saturday at 2 Kolegas and I’m curious to see how he’s gonna be able to walk in the gigantic shoes left empty by one Checo Maldito.

Chasing Stars is one song short of completing their long long awaited album ( since 2006) according to bass player, Ou Yang. This one might be out sooner than later! Their old page is gone but they managed to get a myspace page up with studio versions of their songs! I’m not sure I like what they sound like now… Wenti Zai Na Li was a great live song and i can’t stomach the new keyboards on it.

Interesting weekend ahead folks… get some music and careful with those weird camping adventures out of town.

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2 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    I just want to add a few things,
    Bad Apples’ drummer Wang Yung’s back drumming for Chasing Star, so go support her! and no she didn’t leave Bad Apples, she’s just working overtime, she will be rocking with bad apples at goose and duck on Sat.

    From my understanding, Cui Jian is not in the line up for the Beijing show, i hear he’s only doing the Shanghai performance. If this is true, it’s such a pitty because Cui Jian rocks!

    • Beijing Daze says:

      Thank for the update Chris! I’m looking forward to seeing her back with Chasing Star and soon enough with them bad apples.