Goodbye Miss Daisy…

It’s a sad day in ‘daze headquarters…

Goodbye Miss Daisy

wow.. I still remember roughly about two years ago or so, hanging out at TUN on a tuesday night for open mic night with Beijing Rob and Johnny Boy, taking in the music coming from the stage but mostly having some sort of conversation when this angelic voice came out of the speakers, putting any and all conversations to a halt!

We looked up and say this new girl on stage, wearing green kakhi pants and dark top singing like it was he mission and purpose in life! I remember distinctly M turning to me and saying: ” wow.. look at that girl singing and smiling with her eyes” and that was the first time i was exposed to one Daisy Sweetgrass!
She kept coming back for a few weeks and so did we, to watch her and what would become The Redbucks after a little while. I remember joining them on stage at some point along with Rob and Johnny for a cover of the Grateful Dead’s Friend of the Devil just to get a closer look!

fast forward a few months/years, Daisy Sweetgrass is part of Beijing’s music personalities on her own merit as well as that of The Redbucks. She’s one of the sweetest, most charming and talented musicians in town that can melt anyone’s heart with her soothing sounds! I’m a huge fanboy and completely unashamed of it!

And now she’s leaving! 🙁

I got an email from the ‘bucks yesterday informing me of her upcoming departure for greener pastures and her last two shows in town, one of which I will unfortunately miss on account of a Silk Road trip… If you haven’t see Miss Daisy perform, do yourself a favor and catch her while you can! And after you enjoy the show, have a conversation with Christine, her alter-ego, to get a taste of those smiling eyes!

Catch her w/ The Redbucks this friday September 3rd at Jiangjin jiuba and Saturday September 11th at VA bar. It’s worth mentioning that as she is leaving, Daisy can’t take all her toys with her and will be auctioning her guitar after the VA performance!!!! Gonna have to work out a proxy bidding strategy on this one!

man I’m bummed!!! man I’m bummed!!!

you can read all about it in Daisy’s own words here:

and here is the interview she did with ‘daze a while back:

did I mention i was bummed? This the day the music died….

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