Hang on the Box returns, sort of.. and my first time at Hot Cat Club

There were a few things happening last saturday in Beijing in terms of entertainment but your truly was particularly curious about one of them events: Hang on the Box relaunching at Hot Cat Club on the same bill as Rustic, The Dancers and 诱导社 Lure. It was also a good chance to finally check out Hot Cat Club, one of the new up n coming concert venues in town.

I figured in true Beijing fashion, the gig would start a bit late but when Ruby and I finally made it there around 10, we had missed rustic! Shame as I haven’t seen the boys perform in a while. The guys at Panbianr have more details about that on their review of the gig. We did however get to see 诱导社 Lure for the first time!

I can’t say i know much about them but according to Pete demola ( who is finally back in Beijing), they’ve been around for a while but don’t play much. The lead singer sported a great mohawk but the music flew right over my head… Their douban page describes their style as Funk Grunge… whatever! didn’t seem to inspired to me.

Hang on the Box

Hang on the Box came out next with a new lineup that includes Gia, two girls and a guy.. all new additions to the band from what i could tell which made it even more intriguing. I definitely do not like Gia’s solo stuff, especially not the bossanova experimental thingy she did last year. Girl Kill Girl was a bit better but she is no guitar player. I had no idea what to expect but i was hoping for the Gia i saw back in 2005/2006…. and, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you we got her back! I have not seen her enjoy herself or perform with this much energy in any of the shows she did last year, not even her birthday extravaganza.

Sure, HOTB material is no Mozart but it’s fun innocent punk that is reasonably silly and definitely not serious… and that’s what their performance on saturday was like. The band still has to work out some chemistry issues but they played their way through HOTB classics like Foxy Lady, Bitch and No Sexy without missing a beat with Gia being her old self, just slightly older! She even looked dangerous at times.

That said, Ruby has a point when she says:

The Dancers came on last but I didn’t stick around for the whole performance as i had previous engagements to attend to. They kicked things off with the heavy, high octane punkers then started mellowing down as i headed out. I don’t think that was their finest performance but it might have gotten better afterwards!

How about Hot Cat Club? The jury is still out! it looked and felt like the bastard lovechild of The Old What Bar and 2 Kolegas and i’m not sure it got it right! The vibe was OK but you couldn’t really get a feel for the performance or see the stage once the front 3 rows were full.

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  1. Websl@ve says:

    I have been there too. The guy of Hot Cat Club Zhao Lei spend some extra money on equipments to make this event happen which is part of the 789 promotional project of Sohu and Time Out to promote the “new” cultural area of Fang Jia Hutong, Wu Dao Ying and Guo Zi Jian. I often go there just to have some easy drinks with the kids there, normally Hot Cat Club only have Folk stuff with shitty equipments. But the sound of this gig was actually quite ok and soon there will be more rock gigs. There is not much in the lane yet except for what is in the “Art Factory” No. 46 but if you are sick of those typical bars in NLGX, this neat and mellow place is worth to try out at least for once. Reminds me of 2Kolegas though, too. And it is not too far for a walk to “School” in Wu Dao Ying, the new spot for young rockers and their after-parties in Beijing. I think that guy in white T-Shirt of The Dancers is one of the club owners of “School”.

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