Beijing Weekend Quickslants: Redbucks, Ember, Panbianr and mad drummers

A strange weekend this shall be in Beijing with actually quite a few events around town in the next 4 days that are worth checking out. Of course this will also mark the second to last performance from Daisy Sweetgrass with The Redbucks before she goes stateside.

Thursday September 2:

Blackwater @ Jianghu:
Traditional Irish Folk music from this mostly expat outfit that includes Des ( of Black Cat Bone fame) and members of the No Name trio. Note that it’s taking place at Jianghu and they’ve had a few issues with shows being shut down by the local jingcha. Hope this one goes through.

Cappeira @ Gongti:
The Capoeira Madinga group is parcticing tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 at the worker’s stadium. Get in from gate # 3 and follow the music. The classes are free for a limited amount of time and it’s a lot of fun!

Friday September 3:

The Redbucks @ JiangjinJiu:
I’ve written at length already about Daisy leaving Beijing and this is most likely where I will be hanging out early friday. It’s a good opportunity to get a little homedown bluegrass before moving on to much heavier/weirder settings.

Emil de Waal + Spejderrobot + Xiao He @ 2 Kolegas:
This was my original show of the night before the sad news hit. I love me a good drumming session and Emil is one of the better ones in the world. Hebei’s terrible child and often misunderstood genius, Xiao He, opens up the festivities. caveat imperator: if Xiao He brings out his laptop, run run run!

Saturday September 4:

Ember Swift @ Jianghu:
yes, one of my new favorite Canadians is out and about with her band! I’m hoping to go catch this show and see her first hand for a full set as opposed to the songwriter thingy when I first saw her.

Roaring Metal @ Mao:
Now this is one hell of a lineup with AK-47, CMCB, Left-Right Band and Suffocated. Definitely the symmetrical opposite of the other gig mentioned above with some of Beijing’s finest metal bands, especially suffocated who’s been getting a lot of praise as of late. CMCB is the odd one out as they’re labeled as hip hop so something is weird in that setup.

Sunday September 5:

Hot & Cold Album launch @ The Old What Bar:
The good folks at who have shown up on the beijing scene with a bang are behind this little one. I’m really digging JOsh’s style and their approach to everything indie/artsy in Beijing right now and they deserve all the support they can get. It’s also a good opportunity to check out Nakoma and Birdstriking if you haven’t.

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  1. Have you seen CMCB before? They call themselves hiphop but are more crossover than hiphop, nice music and I like their Nirvana cover.