Yugong Yishan turns 6: re-TROS fun, Free The Birds wardrobe malfunction and Longshendao grows.

And then it turned six! some people might argue about how old the place is and what not considering it’s only been in its current location for 3 years but that’s a debate for some other time. Last friday was more about celebration and there was celebration to be made.

The bill was appetizing and the price right at RMB50 for 5 entertaining bands. I got there on time to catch the reTROS. Now here’s a band that polarizes and draws a heck of a lot more conflicting opinions than even Xiao He. A lot of people like them and a lot of people loathe them… I’ve seen them a few times by now and I actually happen to like them. The music is not always my cup of tea but they are entertaining. In many ways, they are like Handsome Furs but they rock more! I really like Liu Min’s energy on stage and how she manages to play bass, drums, keyboards and sing at the same time. They have that habit of looking at each other a bit too much but it’s alright by me, I’m entertained enough by their playing. and that name, “rebuilding the rights of statues” is one of the better ones to come out of China.

Next up was ,Daze favorite, Free the Birds with Ubuul making his official debut as Mao Mao’s replacement. I don’t need to rehash how much i like the bands and especially the lead singer who was in tip top form Friday night. A few people made the comment that the band was not up to par that night and didn’t sound as tight as usual which I agree with… that said, big ups to Ubuul for a great first gig! The soft spoken guy can pound them skins…

I’m pretty sure they premiered a new song as they played one i hadn’t heard before.. and then, there was the wardrobe malfunction!!! Helen’s side zipper refused to stay put and with the way that woman moves and shakes on stage, there was a high risk of having it all come undone…and it partly did.. I’ll leave it to that 🙂 Thing is, with Free the Birds, even if the band was not tight, they put on one hell of a performance and the crowd ate it up. from throwing the mic into the audience to teasing them and playing with them, they’re on of the best live acts in China right now.

Long Shen Dao, the little reggae boys, have been carving themselves a nice little piece of Beijing’s live music pie over the past few months. They’re popping out left and right and doing good for themselves! I haven’t seen them in about a year so I looked forward to their set on Friday… and I was pleasantly surprised! They went from a bunch of guys trying to play music to a decent solid reggae act! Them kids be tight y’all and they had yugong yishan jamming it up and down, side to side and generally having a good time. that’s what they are, a god time band

And that’s what Friday night was all about at Yugong Yishan: a good time! It was a nice turnout, big enough to warrant bringing out the side projector for those who couldn’t see the stage. It was also really cool to see how everyone was into it dancing the evening away! One thing that surprised me was how the place cleared up a bit right after re-TROS played… no idea why but maybe the rain and catching the last subway had something to do with it.
I missed IN3 and Exit A on the evening but still… had loads of fun with the 3 i caught.

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