Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Boxes, Buzzcocks, Bucks and Side Effects

cool little weekend ahead folks with just enough musical diversity and offering to keep the dazemeister happy and not over-booked. An interesting thing is a few bands playing their “first official” appearance with new lineups when they’ve been seen around town for a little while now.. think Wu & The Side Effects along with Hang On The Box.
Oh yeah, in case u ain’t heard, The Buzzcocks are in town.

Thursday October 21st:

Paperdoll @ Yugong Yishan:
I admit it, I know nothing about them and have barely heard a song or two but I’ve liked the descriptions and I’m more than curious to go check them out for shit n giggles. it’s supposed to have rock, attitude and fun.

The Beijinger 9th years @ Migas:
if you want a reason to get to sanlitun, there are very few better ones. The Beijinger is for the hard nosed expats by hard nosed expats and they’ve been around for a while fighting the good fight. They celebrate 9 years in style with an-you-can-drink for 99RMB at Migas which YOU KNOW will be nuts.

Friday October 22nd:

Buzzcocks @ Yugong Yishan:
I’m writing this one knowing fully that i will not be going to this particular gig.. I hear they still put on a mean performance but I’d rather not see middle-aged 60 year olds singing songs they wrote when they were in their late teens.. it ain’t the same!

The Redbucks @jiangjinjiu:
I ain’t seen them bucks since the one and only miss Daisy Sweetgrass left and I miss catching the band live. I might actually make an appearance on this one depending on how my dinner plans work out. Luke, Chris, Amy et Co. are always fun to hang around with and listen to with tons of new materials for every gig and performances that stand out time after time… maybe a little yeehaw and some old time country are what’s needed to deal with this freezing weather

Frozen & Bands @ 2Kolegas:
interesting choice of programming at Kolegas who might be the smartest venue in town right now.. seldom do they compete with other place on nights when they have big names. Seems like they’re giving this one to YGYS and going weirdo with a movie ( Frozen -1997) that never saw a release in the mainland and 3 cool bands to round out a decent little evening.

October 23rd:

Hang on The Box @ Mao:
The bitch is back ( I do not mean that in a negative way) and she got new friends to play with. They’re billing this one as the official coming out party but we all know it’s at least the 3rd gig with the new lineup. I must admit i liked the first one enough to check this one out again… biggest draw of the night though is the opening act: Shanghai’s Stegosaurus?. I’ve seen the name before on kungfuology or Layabozi but never got to listen to them before this week. an interesting schyzophrenic band that’s puzzling in their sound.

Wu & The Side Effects @ jianghu:
also billed as the official first performance with the new bass player replacing Checo: Stephano… I guess it’s also the first appearance of wu’s new haircut. The band has had a few weeks to develop chemistry and just get used to each other’s quirks from stage one. I think this might end up being a slightly more acoustic show than anything else but I’m not sure at the moment. A lot of their songs are driven by Wu Ke Jia’s voice and Moritz’s drums but the bass definitely brings in an extra dimension. Steno being a traditional bass player, I expect some improvements in the sounds and regularity

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4 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Take a listen to the Buzzcock’s 2006 release Flat Pack Philosophy, it rocks pretty damn hard.

  2. Alex says:

    Actually, scratch that. The album I was thinking of was self-titled Buzzcocks from 2003. Flat-Pack Philosophy is pretty weak.

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    Hey Alex,

    thanks for the recommendation. Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against the buzzcocks and think they can still probably put on one hell of a show but this is the kinda of act that never fails to disappoint when playing yugong yishan… had they been scheduled at Mao Live or Star Live, I’d have gone in a heartbeat.
    it’s gonna be jam packed in a way i don’t care for…. much rather get some folks at 2 kolegas or catchup with the redbucks at jiangjinjiu


  4. Ruby says:

    Ditto on the packed to the rafters, every expat in town out to be seen deal at Yugong, I complain about that everytime they have a big name on the line up, BUT I will still be there! I missed Sham 69 when they were in town earlier this year, but I’ve been told they put on a cool show for a bunch of old timers, so I’m hoping Buzzcocks will do the same!