Rock n Roll hits Sanlitun at Club Le? is it for real?

ah.. Sanlitun.. love it or hate it, it’s there to stay! there is no shortage of restaurants, bars, massage places and cafes or fancy shops.. one thing that’s been lacking is a live music venue since no one really has tried that over there.. until now… maybe..

I as walking through the village tonight and noticed a sign at the former “le Zazou”, now renamed Club Le, that has a decent lineup of live acts.. I mean i did have to do a double take when i saw the lineup advertised for November 13th: Rustic & Residence A.

Folks, these are two of the best underground bands in the city right now and definitely not your average cover band! In case you didn’t notice, Rustic won global battle of the band last year in London. Residence A managed to get themselves disqualified from this year’s competition but put on one hell of a show!

This could be interesting folks… I’m not sure if Club Le is serious about this but having a REAL live music venue in Sanlitun can bring new opportunities to showcase some of the talent roaming around the city… and I love the sleazy nature of the promo flyer for the show:

so, Sanlitun, this is your chance to see what the rest of Beijing has been looking at for a while.. let’s see how this is gonna go!

Rustic w/ Residence A
November 13, 2010 @ Club Le
Sanlitun Village

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how serious they are about hosting rock in SLT!