Live Music Quickslants: Random Goodbyes, Rush Covers, Screams, Effects and Hellcats

Last weekend looked boring on paper but i still ended up at 2 shows, both of which were interesting/good. This coming weekend is looking like it’s gonna be one of those crazy ones with multiple gig nights because they’re all sounding good right now. It’s kicking off tonight with Hanggai & Blackwater at Yugong Yishan.
I’ll be writing about some of them a bit more later in the week but for now, here’s what’s gonna be cooking


Kaiser Kuo & Friends cover Rush@ Gulou 121: (updated)
Our good friend and rock legend Kaiser Kuo put together this one off lineup so that his old band-mate could get to play in Beijing. Knowing Kaiser, they’ve been practicing like crazy and will cover Rush classics. Two sets planned, one at 9:30 and then 11:00

Amazing Insurance Salesmen + Made in Ningxia @2Kolegas:
on a night like this, things starting late at 2 kolegas work out really well to catch the Rush gig then head over to the drive in. Expect a night of raunchy partying to celebrate the fact that Buyi are back in town and GBoB winner, The Amazing Insurance Salesmen, will be there too. 4 Good bands on the lineup… wouldn’t wanna miss it. ( WU & The Side Effect as well as Nucleus round up the bill)

SUBS & Friends @ Yugong:
The Queen of F%&king Everything brings her friends for a good evening of punk rock with He Yang, Bigger Bang and Chasing Stars advertised. I like 2 out 4 to put on a good gig and it’s probably gonna be one hell of a show but this Friday, my allegiances lie in the drive-in


Reflector @Mao Live:
It’s one of Beijing’s better bands and Alex from Beijing Gig Guide has listed it as Gig of the Week. Under different circumstances, I might agree! However, for this particular week, there are other shows that I would consider more important/relevant. These cats are one of the heaviest bands in town even though they keep getting billed as “punk”.. a bit too free in their labeling i would say… but nevertheless, Mao will be packed for this one.

DH & the Hellcats @ 2 Kolegas:
Man, the cats have been together for only two years? I swear it feels like this should be their 10th year anniversary, not the second one. They are one of the most enjoyable bands in town, always fun and dedicated to their original brand of rockabilly.

Kaiser Kuo & Friends cover Rush@ Gulou 121: (Day 2)
Second night in a row that Kaiser Kuo and Friends will be doing their set of classic Rush covers. Two sets planned, one at 9:30 and then 11:00 (give or take a few minutes)


Random(k)e @ 2 Kolegas:
The final curtain call for one of Beijing’s more musically creative bands. Jon Campbell is relocating back so this will be the last opportunity to check the band out under this current lineup. It will be emotional and intense.. and one thing is guaranteed: It will be MEMORABLE! I’m not the biggest fan of their music but I’ve always appreciated their live shows for their dedication. and we gotta give Jon Campbell a proper send off.

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2 Responses

  1. Kaiser says:

    Hey Badr, we’re actually playing both Friday and Saturday if you want to make a note of that. Thanks! Two sets each night, about 9:30 and about 11:30.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    thanks for the correction Kaiser 🙂