News To Ooze: Mademoiselle, Lao Da and Ma Tiao records, new Free the Birds, Jacky Danny on Douban

You’d think things would slow down in December but we’re just getting ready for a whole bunch of CD releases along with news about shows worth marking your calendar over:

Mademoiselle will be releasing her long awaited CD on Tuesday December 14th at 2 Kolegas.
This comes right on the heels of Lao Da (zhao Yiran) finally releasing his Live in 1998 record Friday December 10th also at 2 Kolegas. Gao Feng mentioned that there might be 2 roasted goats carved up on that occasion.
Folk legend, Ma Tiao, will be releasing his latest record on December 17th at the Star Live. This one is sure to be packed so plan ahead.

New year’s ever is looking busy musically all around Beijing with Cui Jian playing Gongti, AIS and Free the Birds at 2 Kolegas and a heap of other shows all around town.

Finally some easy music updates.

Free the Birds has uploaded a heap of older demos to their douban page. Smoker06 and Fucking Face06 are two personal favorites, I just wish they made them downloadable.
Jacky Danny have uploaded a new demo called I do all these to please myself… just as good as their other songs! I know i;m hyping these guys but I’m really liking what i hear from them. I look forward to seeing them this sunday.
Amazing Insurance Salesmen have updated their douban with a slew of demos for those who haven’t gotten around to listening to them before. Check out In The Park and their interpretation of Caravan
Shanghai’s Fever Machine have made their amazing Heartbrokenbleedingagin song available for download so get it while it’s still up there.

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