Jiangjinjiu Bar closing?

In the list of bad/unexpected news, it looks like Jiangjinjiu Bar might be getting chai-ed in the not so distant future. They have a full listing of performance planned for january but according to Buyi (the Band), the ride is over:

I’ve knocked on Jiangjinjiu before because of certain..ahem..unethical practices pertaining to alcohol before but I must say I’ve enjoyed the performances I’ve seen over there, most specifically those of the Redbucks. Miserable Faith put on one hell of a show a few weeks back that brought renewed faith in the establishment.
I’m gonna try and find out more about this in the next few days… a post left on Jiangjinjiu’s douban about the issue has yet to be answered….

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  1. January 20, 2011

    […] turned up on the list at Jiangjin­jiu. So, get out there and see them for your­self! Besides, if Bei­jing­Daze is even a lit­tle bit right, the place might be chai’ed soon, so you should see shows there […]