Slants and Ramblings: Ember Swift, Helen Feng, Muma, Dude, XTX and more

just because the venues feel like taking some time off, it doesn’t mean musicians are! Here are some new to sink your teeth into.

Xie Tian Xiao, who just won the MIDI award for best live performer as well as a rock performance award at the Chinese Pop Music awards, was has had a few issues with the boys in blue due to possession of a certain substance. Allegedly, members or reflector and Thin Man were also involved

Ember Swift, our favorite vegan songstress, is more or less crowdfunding her next album.. I think it’s the first time ever that I know of an artist using this approach to fund a new release. Check out the information over on her website about how to get involved.

Muma is practicing really hard preparing a new album that should be out shortly. This is gonna be the much awaited follow up to Velvet Highway. I did the guy’s style and look forward to catching the band play live sometime soon.

Dude, on the other hand, has already finished recording their new EP and they’re getting ready to hit the road again for a road tour though various Chinese cities. Their formula of taking pop songs and punkefying them never gets old… Now, they’re also delving in video as you can see below with this hilarious effort for the Korean smash hit “nobody”… these guys are a blast and tons of fun:

The praise is just starting for Omnipotent Youth Society… Their debut album has been name one of the best records of 2010 and for reason. I finally got a copy yesterday courtesy of Ruby and been taking it through the paces… it’s nice to hear something so different and elaborate. The compositions are some of the better most original ones i’ve heard in a long time. You can see some scenes from their album release night over at MOGO:

If you’re not completely put off by the reputation that School Bar is getting for beatdowns, you might consider showing up there tonight for Helen Feng‘s shindig to celebrate the launch of her new venture, DJ sets, the voodoo priestess of Beijing herself will helm the turntables and it’s gonna be the who’s who of the entertainment industry there. Highly recommended.

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