Quickslants: Residence A, Buyi, Rolling Stones tribute and a healthy dose of literature

Gee how the week flies! It’s fun time again and I haven’t even gotten around to writing about last weekend’s amazing shows! Let’s get this party started baby…

Thursday February 24:

No Purpose show @ Mao Live:
Some really cool bands on this bill tonight: Residence A is one of the better young bands I’ve seen in Beijing over the past year. Grinding Ear, CNdY and Elenore have all been making enough noise to peak my curiosity so this is a nice opportunity to check them all out in one go. I really wanna see how Elenore comes out live.. they have a bit of a southern blues slide guitar feeling to their songs.

Friday February 25:

Buyi @ Jianghu:
You know them, you know the place and you know the show is always fun. I’ve actually never really seen them play jianghu now that i think about it. They have a high energy type of show so I have a hard time seeing how they can play there sometime. This band is a bit of a canandrum because they can sell out the starlive and have an empty jianghu… Good old Rock from Ningxia

Spring Metal @ Mao:
If you wanna get your rock on, Metal style, this is the place and the time. Mao has put together one hell of a bill with 5-4, Army of Jade Kirin, Thug Life and other really cool up and coming bands from the metal scene. This might be one of the few times you’ll get to see this many of them the same night without going to Club 13.

Saturday February 26:

WuKejia & Gaobo @Old What Bar:
How about some good old folk at one of the tinniest venues around Beijing? Most of us associate Wu Kejia with his other band, Wu & The Side effects but let’s not forget that the man has a mean folk bone in him ( like most ningxia guys i’ve met so far). could be nice and fun.

Rolling Stones Tribute @ Mao Live:
Some of the young pups of rock n roll get together at Mao to celebrate those old farts that can still kick ass. Expect some brown sugar, a lot of satisfaction and I’ll give them bonus point if they do the classic “anybody seen my baby” from Bridges to Babylon album. Maggie Who, Jacky Danny, Flying Mantas and more will be on hand. I hope they actually do play the stones songs but also throw in one or two originals. It will be my first time catching both Maggie Who and FLying Mantas with their new lineups

Capital M literary Festival
Things get started in Qianmen with some cool sessions planned for day 1. Me thinks the highlight of day 1 will be Zhang Lijia’s talk about “a new sexual revolution” in China which starts at 5:00 pm. Visit Capital M’s website for more information and rush to get your tickets online through www.mypiao.com. I’ll be spending some time there over the next few weeks.

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2 Responses

  1. aren’t there still shows at d-22?

    • Beijing Daze says:

      Hey Shaun
      D-22 is going strong. I tend to not mention it because i’m unlikely to go there, same with 13 club!