[Live Blog!] Global Battle of the Bands Final in KL

This is it, the night our local boys The Amazing Insurance Salesmen try to repeat the feat of Rustic from last year and bring the Global Battle of the Bands title home to Beijing.

I’m at the show, so (pending any technical difficulties) I’ll keep you up to date with who’s playing, what they sound like and finally who the winner is!



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6 Responses

  1. e-head says:

    Go boys, go Ruby!

    What do the numbers before the bands mean? Your first two are times, but I don’t understand the others. Just placeholders for later?

  2. Emma says:

    Yeah, I was wondering the same !

    Come on !! Tell us more guy !! We’re far away from where you are ! We want to know !! How are the others bands ? How are feeling the boys from The AIS ?!!!! Did you talk with them after their show ?


  3. This is JS from The AIS. We lost….:-( I have to say i don’t understand the choices of the jury, for me the best bands tonight were Malaysia and Morocco. Life goes on ! The show must go on 🙂

  4. Ruby says:

    Gah, failed attempt at a live blog! E-head the numbers are supposed to be time stamps …

    Sorry Emma! A super sucky internet connection drained my battery, so was trying to conserve it for the winner. Will update on the other bands when I have reliable Internet!

    Totally agree with you JS, as does everyone else who was there I think! Morocco were awesome, Malaysian too. I have a feeling the result could be motivated by GBoB wanting to extend into the Americas …. but more on that in a wrap up post later.

  5. Oh yes, and Jamaica won, with a very not original reggae band. What were these judges thinking !!!