News and Ramblings: Thank you for the Fish, 10 Years of 330 Metal , hedgehog and more

I love it when there is action in Beijing’s musicverse.. quite a few news to chew on!

Mao Live is really stepping up their game with great shows lined up throughout March. I’ve been there over the past 2 weeks for a few of their events and it’s all been happy happy. Looks like they might even be paying more attention to the bar lately. From the looks of it, the tribute series is gonna keep going on a regular basis: After Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones, they’re lining up a Kurt Cobain tribute along with a Joyside tribute. good stuff!!

Hedgehog has been putting some new songs on their douban lately. They’re gearing up for a China Tour that kicks off March 12 at Tianjin’s 13 Club and end in Beijing with a homecoming performance at Mao Live April 22. New Songs are slightly heavier and darker than the typical Hedgehog song.. I like that!

Kang Mao and Wu Hao, 2/3 of the SUBS have a new side project with the funny name of Thank You For All The Fish 拜拜,多谢你们的鱼!… They’re gonna premiere it at Yugong Yishan next week, March 8 along with Bigger Bang + DH and The Hellcats. The sound is described as Nice and Evil.. I’m not sure what that means but I hope that it is something that can showcase Kang Mao’s singing ability! She’s so much better and can hit a wide range of notes if she wants to. As much as i love the SUBS, i think it limits her creatively sometimes.

A lot of Bass movements lately in Beijing. The Flying Mantas finally found someone that fits the band judging by their performance at Mao for the Rolling Stones tribute show. Maggie Who was also showcasing a new bass player who honestly seems older than the rest of the band combined. They also put on a decent showing at Mao on Saturday, I look forward to seeing him fit in better with the rest of the band.

Mark your calendar for one hell of a metal extravaganza on March 19 at Tango 3rd floor ( former starlive). The 10th year anniversary of 330 Metal with basically the royalty of metal in Beijing: Suffocated, Spring Autumn, Face, Raging Mob, descendant and more… get the leather pants out, the metal covers and the horns.. for there will be headbanging. It’s also a rare chance to catch the plugged/electric version of ChunQiu which doesn’t perform often enough in my opinion. I do hope they make a T-shirt out of the poster art.. it’s simply effective.

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  1. Nick says:

    I’m not quite that old, mate 😉

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    I know that mate 🙂 it’s all tongue in cheek
    but the beard does the trick

  3. Nick says:

    +5 beard of aging.