Beautiful folk to end the weekend @ Mao

We love SUBS here at Daze Central, so when we heard Kang Mao has a new project in the works we were excited to hear what she was up to. I managed to pop into Beautiful Folk night at Mao on Sunday night for the debut of ‘So long and thanks for all the Fish

Wu Yongfeng

In true Mao fashion the show kicked off on time, so we missed the first couple of songs from indie chick Wu Yongfeng. It was a little bit of a slow start for the night, not many people in the house and most of them talking over her. She has a beautiful voice and was accompanied by a friend on guitar. If you like indie-pop check out her douban page.


Platanus was up second, more indie pop/folk accompanied by acoustic guitar. I’m not an indie girl, so he wasn’t really doing anything for me, especially when he covered ‘Yesterday” … I was just waiting for ‘Hotel California’ to come next, but luckily he didn’t go there!

So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

So after two nice inoffensive indie-pop acts it was time for the band I’d come to see So Long and Thanks for All the Fish with Kang Mao and Wu Hao from SUBS and another guy, whose name I didn’t catch. Last time I saw Kang Mao perform was at the Mao Awards a couple of weeks ago and she was wearing leopard print bodysuit complete with hood. Not many people can pull off an outfit like that, but she has the stage presence and voice to do it. Tonight she was much more understated, dressed down, sitting with her hands in her lap. Not the crazy Queen of Fucking Everything we’re used to seeing! Her voice was amazing though, much better than I had expected. I’m looking forward to hearing these guys again on Tuesday at the Women’s Day show at Yugong Yishan.


Up fourth were Daze favourites LiDong. If you follow the blog I don’t need to tell you much about them, except if you haven’t seen them yet – you should! These guys stole the show again, as they have the last few times I’ve seen them play. This time they even got an encore call – although I think they might have expected it since they tried to finish without playing my favourite song ‘Baobei’! LiXia has promised their debut album will be coming soon. Interesting things from this performance, Guixin putting down the bass to play the hand drum, which I haven’t seen him play before and they seem to be sticking with their old drummer since Liu Miao is busy running 2 Kolegas and playing with Nuclues.

LiXia from LiDong

To finish of the night Gao Shan brought it back to the indie folk theme, with a bit of jazz twist. Again she has a gorgeous voice, like all the other girls tonite. The Mao guys definitely picked the right name for the night ‘Beautiful Folk’ was definitely what we got. And it was a nice warm up for the Woman’s Day show at Yugong Yishan on Tuesday with some more great female singers, Pupi from Bigger Bang, DH and her Hellcats and the second show for Kang Mao‘s So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

Gao Shan


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