A Diva Remembered: RIP Jacky “Suga Mama” Staton

For most folks in Beijing nowadays, you probably won’t relate… those that were here pre-olympics on the other hand might get a bit of a twitch at the news. Jacky “Suga Mama” Staton, who used to serenade us at The Big Easy with her soulful Jazz and Gospel for many years, passed away. As far as I can gather, this happened last year, on Julay 14th 2010, while she was entertaining audiences in Thailand…

I wouldn’t even have known about it if i didn’t catch wind of a tribute concert that took place March 6th in Shanghai where Suga Mama moved to a few years ago and took residency at The Cotton Club.

I’m left now reminiscing about brunches at the Big Easy listening to her while sipping some great cocktails (best hurricane in Beijing). Memories that seem like they belong to a time far far away but are still vivid as if they happened yesterday….

it might be a little late but here hoping you’re resting in peace Suga Mama… may the Angels enjoy your sweet voice.