Old School Punk with The Dancer’s Frogs Want to Go Home

Remember The Dancers? allegedly China’s first supergroup that rose from the ashes of of Hedgehog, Casino Demon, Joyside etc..? Well, they’re still around and they got themselves an EP out already. I’m hoping to get my hands on it soon but you can order it from taobao here:


Anyways, this isn’t really about the EP, it’s more about their song: “Frogs Want to Go Home” available for a listen on their Douban Page http://site.douban.com/thedancers/. It’s just a really cool tune, straight up old school punk as far as I’m concerned with a title that high on Niubility and lyrics that make me smile.

FROGS WANT TO GO HOME (lyrics/ 歌词)

i hear,hear the voice when i screaming out
i just know
i find,find the truth when i standing here
i want to go
i draw,draw myself when i facing to the mirror
my heart is a teardrop
i tell,tell everbody can’t clean their dick face
is that really so?

frogs want to go home
it’s enough to see the joke
right here,right now
who can stop it?!

Now, I’m gonna make it a point to ask them about the song and the frogs next time I cross paths with any of them. In the meantime, if anyone wants to venture a guess as to what the song is about, please do… I got no clue. All I know is Frogs want to go home

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3 Responses

  1. dan says:

    i’m not sure exactly what this song is about, but alot of the other songs have pretty “deep” meaning. “Zhan cuo dui” is about the divide in the Beijing music scene, and how some people have become too cool and alittle stuck-up, whereas a number of years back it was one scene. “Childhood” is about Wangzi’s youth and how it went wrong. I really like how he changes the lyrics to Chinese….when his parents aren’t there.
    The Dancers are my best friends here in Beijing. I’m going with them to Inner Mongolia for their show this weekend, and then with them to Sichuan in May. Next Saturday (the 23rd), they have a show at Hot Cat with Mei Guan Mei for 10 kuai, which should be really cool. Also my birthday!! Busy weekend with Hedgehog and Rustic cd release shows the previous night as well.
    I could probably set up an interview or something of that nature with them if you want~~
    Love the blog!

    • Beijing Daze says:

      Hiya Dan,

      thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated! I’m digging the dancers as you can tell from my posts and look forward to seeing them again soon.
      I’d love to get an interview with the guys… that’d be awesome!

      • dan says:

        for sure! i believe you can see my email, shoot me a message.
        i’m sure whenever is good for you would be good for them, except if they have shows in another city.
        and yeah man, i know you’ve been enjoying the dancers for awhile now. once again, love the blog, on my daily list of websites to hit.
        take care!