and one more: Chaoyang Pop Festival shows up out of nowhere

uhm.. ok, So MIDI, Strawberry and Music Valley have pretty much taken over the music related news as of late. I didn’t think there could be room for one more so imagine my surprise yesterday as i was passing by Chaoyang Park to see adds and flyers for a Chaoyang Pop Festival that takes place April 29 – May 1st.
yup folks, another festival for the May holiday but this one might actually have a fighting chance!

Things supposedly get started friday night at 7:30 with an opening ceremony and some music/DJ sets then goes on for the next two days with a slew of local and international acts (that I never heard of). some of the names being thrown around are SUBSOURCE (UK), The sunshine Underground, White Belt Yellow Tag etc… Blackwater is also listed as one of the acts.

What gives the festival a fighting chance is its location downtown as well as a cheap (RMB 50) entrance fee. so for those that are not up to going to Tongzhou or one of the other backwater locations around Beijing, this is a perfect compromise.
It’s also heavily focused on pop/dance by the look of things so it’s definitely not competing with either MIDI or Strawberry.

ok, so maybe there is room for one festival in town… considering the other 3 are really, for all practical purposes, in Hebei.

Chaoyang Pop Music Festival
April 29 – May 1st
Chaoyang PArk

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