Where to buy Vinyls in Beijing?

Ah… Vinyls! Hardcore fans and collectors love them. I remember a time when i was drooling over the collection they had in the old superbar street for 10 to 50 rmb a piece. That place is all gone and I haven’t found it yet but there are a few other spots in Beijing for those of you seeking those babies.

Here are some of the easier ones to get to thanks to Yang over at Rock in China

Li-Pi Records – 北京最大黑胶唱片.
Tel: 13811473825 QQ: 378379011
网店: http://shop60083805.taobao.com/
It’s a vinyl shop in 798, near the south gate on the back street behind UCCA. They are a bit expensive but they have some quality items.

Digital BeatBox
Taobao only shop as far as I know. Their selection is extensive with prices starting at 5RMB for Theresa Teng LPs.

Check out Yang’s extensive listing for Beijing as well as a few places around China for more potential vinyl shops


know of any other spots? please post them in the comments.

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  1. Skip LuNcH says:

    Hey B,
    Question is : Where to get turntables without paying an arm and a leg??. Im used to getting them abroad for like 5 bucks, used.
    WAITING for Godot, has USB numarks for about a grand. too much!

    Oh Vinyl is a “non -countable” noun (*:


  2. Beijing Daze says:

    I’ll see what i can find out..