Yugong Yishan and Mao Live: They didn’t start the fire!

It’s only rock n roll but it can be a pain in the ass, especially if you’re a music venue in Beijing’s Doncheng district.

Last weekend, as I was out in Lanzhou, I got word that authorities had closed Mao Live for Fire Safety issues… I made a few calls to check but it looked like just unsubstantiated rumors. The scheduled “3 Kingdoms” show with The On Fires, Your Favorite Enemy and SUBS went ahead… didn’t think anything else about it until yesterday (wednesday May 25th)

News landed in the interwebs about a closure at Yugong Yishan whereby all shows have been cancelled until further notice. Most of them are actually re-routed to Tango 3F for now. Mao Live has not escaped the problems.. according to this Global Times piece, they’re only allowed to host small scale events.

if you’re planning on attending any show there over the next few days, call ahead just in case

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