Under The Radar: KAMA 2011 Love Music Festival in Beijing

I might have been a bit too harsh on my judgement for the weekend’s events, mostly because I just don’t care for most of the bands on the bill/don’t know them! I got a couple of SMS and emails now about Cowboy Junkies and EELs urging me to give them a listen.
I vaguely remembered Cowboy Junkies from years ago… mellow rock. musical, nice voice but uhm… Still, There’s some good stuff worth listening to and definitely more interesting than the recycled festivals we get in Beijing. Eels sounds pretty much like that too… Deep voices, dual singers and a bit of that nitty nutty lyricism!

Piao.com has a nice clear and concise listing over at:

Alex from Gig Guide did her usual great job with listings:

The festival takes place in the little used Olympic green on Sunday June 5 and Monday June 6... go get yourself some music!
alright… so there might be something happening after all. Here is the Official Description:

The KAMA Love Music Festival kicks off on Sunday, bringing twenty artists from around the globe together in the Olympic Sports Center for two days of love, hope and kama.

Looks like they have 2 stages, a food/bar area and are set up nicely!!! that said, don’t be surprised if it’s dry-land-o-rama considering what has happened at music valley, chaoyang park and strawberry.

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  1. Grace says:

    I’m going to Kama on Sunday to see two Chinese artistes I’ve liked since I was in uni: Lao Lang and Wubai (a pioneer of Chinese hard rock music from Taiwan). Kama tickets are a bit more expensive, advance ticket cost RMB 180 for one day, and RMB 360 for two days. It’s a whopping RMB 200 and RMB 400 respectively if you buy at the door.

    However, compared with the Great Wall music festival though, Kama will look like a bargain.