Amazing Cover of Hotel California played on traditional Chinese Instruments Only

This is a little gem I came across today: One of the most beloved foreign tracks on the mainland, Hotel California, covered by Chinese musicians playing only traditional instruments…
this is a freaking gem!!!

close your eyes and listen! then let me know whatcha think?


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6 Responses

  1. Lydia says:


  2. Wow, it’s just as cheesy as the original one.
    The guy on Yangqin is Junjie, he is really good, i played with him before and suggested we covered western songs with Chinese instruments….i’m saying this i didn’t say anything.

    I like how they transformed the Chinese classical instruments into electric ones, i’ve had this idea for tne last ten years, glad somebody finally did it.

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    Jean Seb
    That could be a cool album… a whole record of western songs using traditional instruments. if anyone can do it, it’s you!

  4. Froog says:

    Sure beats the hell out of the Guitar Bar’s rendition of it! (Although I thought the intro was scarily reminiscent of that other done-to-death GB staple El Condor Pasa…)

    Quite a rock few bands have occasionally used a guzheng or an erhu or something to lend a traditional Chinese flavour to their music, but they mostly play them in a fairly conventional style – even Xie Tianxiao, as far as I recall. The only band I can think of that’s used a traditional instrument in a rock’n’roll style is Erguang, who have (used to have? haven’t heard anything of them in ages!) a guy who played very aggressive repeated chords on aguzheng, kind of like a rhythm guitar.

    That Guangdong band with the lead electric guqin is freakin’ awesome. I’d like to see more Chinese bands marrying traditional instruments with modern musical styles that well.

    And I’ve always thought the erhu would make a great blues instrument; but the blues just doesn’t seem to have made any inroads in China.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      indeed Froog. it’s a jolly good one.
      I really dig the mix of instruments, especially when it merges styles