From the horse’s mouth: Cowboy Junkies blog about their Kama experience

I’m never really interested in talking to band coming to China… I’d much rather talk to them after they’ve been here to hear their about their experience and thoughts. Unfortunately, very few bands take the time to sit down post promo and open up about all the stuff they’ve seen or heard.

It was refreshing and enlightening to see Cowboy Junkies, fresh off their Kama Love Festival show, put up a whole blog post about their Beijing experience, behind the scene.

Check it out here:

my favorite quote is the most realistic one as far as what bands should expect when they come to China for the first time:

I don’t think our appearance will result in Cowboy Fan streaking up the pop charts in China but we hope that it will lead to a return to this country and a proper tour to half a dozen or so cities.

Cool beans and enlightening post!

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4 Responses

  1. at the Sino Australian Music Exchange we like to get a before and after interview with each participating band. they’re generic questions but the post tour replies are always enthusiastic! (needs VPN i believe)

  2. jtdj says:

    Talked to lead singer Margo after their set, and although she was happy about the festival overall, explained that they had originally were planning for an extensive Chinese tour after playing Kama, but finally they couldn’t get approval and shaking her head, said politics were to blame. “I hope next year the powers that be realize that we’re just good people,” she said while walking to their bus on Sunday. She wasw good humored about it and positvely commented on the crowds, and sound system (they had their own soundman), but it’s a shame – CJ would have won a lot of fans with a solid tour – as other artists do who get the chance and put in their time in the interior.

  3. Ruby says:

    Thanks for the link Shaun! Great work you’re doing bringing two of my favourite music scenes together. Always nice to see more NZ/Aussie bands touring China and for my friends back home to see some of the awesome bands we have here!

    How would my friends get hold of the Chinese music you distribute in Australia, music stores, websites?

  1. June 11, 2011

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