Quickslants: Ajinai, Rustic, Ghosts, VOM, Music for Orphans and more

that time of the week folks, looking at all the goodies in town, sifting through the crap and figuring out where the good sounds are… and there lots of them this week, especially with Yugong Yishan back in business. It’s looking like one hell of a busy weekend out there for the music maniacs.. if i weren’t heading out of town, I might find myself driving all around town to catch all these guys play.

Thursday June 9:

Ajinai @ Yugong:
well, hanggai ain’t the only game in town. These guys, who used to play in …yup, Hanggai, have been putting on some cool performances lately. There’s more throat singing and grassland tones, a little less rock n roll. Me likey!!!
They’re definitely worth a shot, especially at Yugong hoping that most of those chatters from the Genus Expatus do not show up.

Friday June 10:

AIS, Spardac & Candy Monster @ 2kolegas:
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen and Ghost Spardac, two of the better bands in Beijing show up at 2 kolegas for some entertaining musical times. I haven’t seen the Ghost guys in a little while, same goes for AIS whom I missed during the celebration on account of the Champions’ League final. It’ll be cool to catch them. Candy Monster also on the bill!

VOM @ D-22:
This one is flying under the radar but Norway’s 4 piece chick punkish rock band, VOM, is playing in wudaokou along with Nakoma, Christmas and End of the world. I’ve heard VOM’s debut album and it’s a cool little rocker! The girls are fun onstage and they’re a heck of a lot better alternative than the screamers at Mao live. you can guess who that is!

Rustic Album Launch @ yugong Yishan:
The hebei troublesome threesome are back in Beijing after a mini tour of China hoping to finally launch their CD in town. Their last attempt was.. ahem.. blocked by whatever factors so here’s wishing them good luck on their second try. Birdstriking and a mystery guest will handle support duties.

Saturday June 11:

Buyi 16th Year Anniversary @ 2 Kolegas:
I swear every time i turn around and look, BUYI is celebrating something: New Album, Birthday, Anniversary etc.. These guys work hard and their Ningxia rock need no introduction anymore. Expect a lot of musicians, fun, jam sessions and the usual mayhem.

Sambasia 5th Anniversary @ Mao Live:
The beat masters celebrate 5 years of ponding latin rhythms in Beijing. They’re gonna have the full lineup there with close to 20 people on stage. The Beijing Capoeira Maginga group will also be on hand to dance along and play while the Sambasia guys do their thing.

VOM @ Old What
If you miss the Norwegians at D-22 on friday, you have a chance to catch them at the Old What bar saturday night. This might be even better taking into account the intimate nature of the place.

Sunday june 12:

Rap for Orphans @ 2Kolegas:
a bunch of Beijing’s beat masters get together in the drive-in to help raise money for the Shunyi Orphanage who are in dire need of supplies. Jordan Thomas Mitchell, who already contributed to the AIDS world CD, leads the effort. Note that this takes place from 3 to 9 PM.. yes, something happening at 2 Kolegas during the afternoon.

Skate & Rock @ Mao
Dude, Ghost Spardac, Summer Sunshine lead this youngish event that includes a reformed Larry’s Pizza and Xi’An rockers, Teddy’s Wish! these bands are in their element at Mao so expect a slew of locals rocking and doing their 20second POGO sessions. Not a bad sunday night bill at all… Mao getting competitive on a night where no one else puts on shows!

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2 Responses

  1. “…they’re a heck of a lot better alternative than the screamers at Mao live. you can guess who that is!”

    i don’t know who this is but now you’ve mentioned it – who are you talking about!?

    • Beijing Daze says:

      haha.. not hard to figure out… the one and only Gia with her fake version of hang on the box