News and tidbits: IZ new record and Proximity Butterfly in Beijing

July should be an interesting musically and even though i’ll gone for half of it, you folks will have some good things to look forward to:

IZ new record – July 14 @ Yugong Yishan
The Kazhak eagle, Ma’mer, is getting the boys back together for a new record. It’s been a long time coming considering he has spent the last few months doing more jams and experimental things that were..ahem.. intriguing.. Having only seen him do his solo stuff, I look forward to catching the whole band for a change. I really dig their stuff.

Proximity Butterfly – July 2 @ Yugong Yishan
These guys, along with The Fever Machine, are two of the most exciting bands in China that just about never come up to the capital. Well, in July, they’re actually making a trip up to the capital bringing along their new record. This one should be special folks as it will be heavily inspired from the drama and trauma that came along with the Sichuan earthquake.

consider yourselves warned and book the dates ahead of time. Two gigs that don’t happen every other day in this city.

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1 Response

  1. Ruby says:

    Woohoo! Proximity Butterfly FINALLY in the Jing! Can’t wait for this one, big fan of their last album!

    What do we need to do to get Fever Machine up here??