last minute: Israel’s USELESS ID and Holland’s Destine Tonight at Mao

This is a bit of a last minute announcement but what promises to be one hell of a good show has gone largely ignored by most of us in music this week. Still, if you happen to have nothing going on, head over to Mao Live and catch 2 of the better international punk bands on the circuit.

Israel’s Useless ID and Holland’s Destine… it should be fun! Dude is pulling opening duties for both!

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  1. jtdj says:

    Thanks for posting this – even though poppy punk is not my favorite, Useless ID put on a great live show – their sound/energy never made you feel like there were only 40 people there – professionals with a solid, no bullshit set.

    If anybody knows what song they played off of Bad Story, Happy Ending toward the end, please post.