Quickslants: Beijing Prom, dazeFEAST, Residence A and more fun weekend goodies

Hope you got some rest last weekend folks cause this upcoming one will require some serious stamina from all of you considering all the fun stuff taking place in Beijing over the next few days! so, what we got?

Wednesday June 22nd:

Misandao @ Mao:
Misandao is tons of fun! I love these guys because they’re genuinely punk to the bone, skinhead bootboys that bring on the Oi punk like no one else. I just saw them last week at Mao and they have not lost a beat. Newcomers, The Rudeness, open things with their brand of ska/reggae/punk. Not a bad humpday gig

Thursday June 23:

Paper Tigre & RE-TROS @ Yugong Yishan:
I couldn’t care less about papier tigre but any opportunity to watch the RE-TROS should be cherished.. these cats perform with such amazing passion. Label them whatever you want, they put on a show each and everytime that cannot leave you indifferent.

Ember & Jess @ 2Kolegas:
Take Ember Swift with her folk pop and the Laowai Song, Jess Meider’s Heavenly Stems and you got yourself a lovely night of lilith fair type music to sooth you soul by.

Friday June 24th:

Beijing Prom @ The Bookworm:
This one is so bizarre that it deserves a mention. Our good friend the Prom Queen has decided to go back in time and party like it was 1990 for those that remember the era. You’re expected to dress for Prom, with heavy emphasis on sequins, then mingle with likeminded folks in the spirit of baccus and letting loose. Yes, dress for prom and be there ready to dance your rear end off.

Residence A @ D-22:
They’re on of my favorite bands from this generation and have tons, tons, tons of potential. They’re back from a China tour which should have made them even better! If you’re in wudaokou and can’t for whatever reason make it to chaoyang, that’s one hell of show you;re in for.

DH & The Hellcats @ 2 Kolegas:
I’ve spoken so much about these cats that I feel I’m overdoing it! There’s almost no other place in town i’d rather be when they’re playing. Infectious, entertaining, fun, talented, amusing etc…. I could keep finding good things to say about them from now til the end of the year. Beijing’s Skarving opens things with their smooth as a baby’s bottom SKA.

Saturday June 25th:

dazeFEAST @ 2Kolegas:
It’s simple: 14 bands, roasted lamb, outdoor picnic during the afternoon, indoor madness at night… and it’s all FREEEEEEE. I expect this little celebration that yours truly is throwing to be one hell of a memorable party and we’ll be leaving when the cows come back/leave home, whatever is more appropriate. Starts at 15:00h! Call me biased but I expect this one to rock

Return of Rock @ Mao:
If ‘dazeFEAST wasn’t taking place, this is where you’d find me! The Dancers, Casino Demon, Brain Failure and more are set to rock the shit out of Mao Live for what may well be the last time ever you’ll see 2 of those bands perform. Hardcore music for hardcore fans. I really wish i could go but i hear there’s something else in town.

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3 Responses

  1. jtdj says:

    Re-tros weren’t at the Papier Tigre show – according to promoter, after signing a contract w/Modern Sky they had to cancel due to a booking in Korea. Weird nobody was told they weren’t coming, nor the show was free.

  2. jtdj says:

    Oh yeah, and supposedly Cui Jian was there with like 20 people.

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    The Bejinger mentioned it during the afternoon but i guess by then, it was too late.