News To Ooze: Tiger Battles, NovaHeart unleashed and Unsafe Death Knight

Been a while since the last random updates on here and quite a bit been taking place so let’s get started without further due.

Tiger Beer has been doing a great job with their battle of the bands so far. I managed to catch one heat last week with Queen Sea Big Shark who were in top shape and had fun. Didn’t care as much about the last two heats considering Pet Conspiracy and Perdel were headlining but Michelle Dai over at The Beijinger is doing a great job covering the event. I’m planning on being at the Xie Tian Xiao one in the next few weeks.

Helen Feng is back, kind of, and not in a way that I am excited about. Her long awaited solo project has been revealed at last and it’s called NovaHeart. I was really hoping for more a of soulful approach to songs unleashing her dormant potential and immense talent but alas, she has followed the electronic/dance route. I head some of the sample tracks on douban which are alright but not really my cup of tea. Still, Good luck to Helen/NovaHeart with her new project.

The Unsafe are back and have a new album to show for their disappearance: Death Night. Expect the record to be unleashed this Saturday during the 8th Annual Punk Festival at Mao Live. I’m really looking forward to the record, seeing the band live and just having a good time with some good tunes. The punk festival will also mark the official debut of the SUBS new lineup which they premiered at InMusic.

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