Emitter wins China-wide Tiger Translate Battle of the Bands

In the Battle of the bands that everyone pretty much stopped talking about, Emitter, who won the Beijing leg, managed to ride their momentum and win the National finals also held in the capital.
I’m not really sure who else played in the finals to be honest with you as the details were far and in between with only weibo coverage that i was able to find.

picture from Tiger Translate Weibo

I’m quite stocked that another Beijing based band won a national competition, especially a rock one, but I’m not getting this…. I’m most definitely missing something in this battle so I’ll shut my pie-hole and congratulate Emitter who won 100,000 RMB as well as a slot playing at St James Power Station in Singapore.

more about Emitter on their weibo: http://site.douban.com/emitter/
Rock n Roll

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  1. Would like to bring the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to China. Sponsors and promoters please email news@syndicatednews.net