10 Years of Old What! Bar: Still Standing, Like a True Survivor

well I’d be damned… we’re in 2011 and the longest standing name in the music industry in Beijing is Old What! Bar… who’d have thunk it? 2001-2011…. despite moving around a few times, this place has been a constant in Beijing’s ever growing and ever crowded music scene. It’s the place where you still go and pay your dues as a musician… go and cut your teeth before pretending to play at a bigger venues.

What constantly amazes me about the place is the fact that they are right on the side of the Forbidden City and yet they don’t seem bothered by any of the problems that might plague other venues in Beijing. So, here’s to you Old What.. may you last another 10 years!

To celebrate 10 years, the bar is having a nice series of shows throughout National day vacation with some pretty good acts. The punk kids always love that place so the misandao/unsafe gig should be pretty rowdy. I also expect big things from the shoegazers of carsick cars.

10月3号 晚9点半
Summer sunshine
Point Eight
Life test

life for drinking
the unsafe

Mr.Freeman 自由先生
Miss Freak/怪诞小姐

浪 – Lone

Carsick cars/Soviet pop/神秘乐队

More information over on the Douban: http://www.douban.com/event/14496390/

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  1. zhang Si'an says:

    I’m also playing my solo project on the 7th for the what bar anniversary final.