News to Ooze: MIDI 2011 Awards, Jacky Danny, Douban how-to and more

It’s been a while since the last bit of random news so let’s see what’s been happening in China Music Land

MIDI 2011 awards are in the process.. The anouncement appeared on weibo today! Expect the awards to be held mid-december. REcord companies, bands and participants are encouraged to contact the organizers at the number below:

Hedgehog are in the middle of their US tour and they’re having fun. They posted a bunch of pictures over on their official website. Check it out here. They have also added yet another bootleg live recording from september, titled Still Alive, that sounds pretty darn good. Check it out:

Jacky Danny, a ‘daze favorite, is “back on the saddle” so to speak! They got a new drummer, rhythm guitar and old bass player back so expect them to start popping out in listings all around town. I’m looking forward to this…. yes, they’re one of my guilty pleasure and I dig them!

CMCB are finished recording their new record. Expect a release party around December 10th at Mao or Tango. More details as they become available. I love these guys brand of Rap/Metal and they’re Beijing to the bone.

Last but not least, Andy Best is blogging more regularly about the Shanghai music scene again. See his latest extremely informative article about following bands on Douban:

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2 Responses

  1. Andy Best says:

    Thanks for the link.

    On the subject of the Midi Awards. They are generally thought of as a joke down here. The first year they just picked their own house-band Miserable Faith for a bunch of awards. Then the second year they created a lifetime achievement type award and gave it to their own founder Zhang Fan.

    It beggars belief. There’s no concept at all of conflict of interest or shame.

    Of course, it also happens to be an ‘awards’ so, like all awards, it starts off pretty low down the integrity scale. Also, there’s no true industry in China really and (therefor) no organ of industry that in any way represents an independent oversee. The Midi Awards are laughably random and have so far changed their already ambiguous ‘rules’ or system each year of its existence.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      I covered both the 2009 and 2010 MIDI awards on here… the first edition was definitely a joke but I did think they made huge improvements last year in terms of nominations and winners.

      There is still a long long way to go but they’ve opened it up… At this point, anything that brings recognition to the bands is welcome in my book!