Dude’s new MV for Xiao Long Ren, shot at ‘dazeFEAST is out

Good friends Dude have been working on this little MV for a while now after shooting the footage over a gruesome 5 hours during ‘dazeFEAST at 2 Kolegas while everyone else was partying 🙂


The song, Xiao Long Ren 小龙人, comes from a the popular Little Dragon Boy Children show but the video that DUDE did is not for children. These guys knack for parodies and wordplay in Chinese continues to amaze me. They’re starting to get a bit of name recognition now and were tapped to play this weekend’s Beijinger Anniversary party where a bunch of people were fairly impressed.

Going back to the video, you can notice a few cameos by a few ‘dazeFEAST goers as well as Reflector’s Li Peng just to name a few.. Having witnessed them filming the damn thing, it’s really cool to see the final product.

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1 Response

  1. e-head says:

    Good day for filming – don’t forget to check out the Black Snakes tour video as well: http://www.coloredballoons.no/2011/09/07/blacksnakesfilm/

    Good to know I’m not the only one who has pulled it out at 2K, even if my company is a puppet….