Noisey Session with Omnipotent Youth Society

Remember Noisey? they launched a while back in Beijing with a bang and put on an interesting show at Yugong Yishan. Well, they’re at it again, only this time, they picked a bigger venue with Tango 3rd floor and invited one of the hardest bands to see this year: Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店. The shizi boys have really exploded since releasing their album and I’m extremely happy to see them reap the benefits.

Noisey’s shindig is FREE but you have to register on their website hoping you can get pre-selected for a ticket so get in over there and put your name to the list. The concert is scheduled to take place on November 17th so get started!

more info on douban:

you can also head over to the Noisey website for registration:

it’s gonna be a packed one… the only time i’ve ever been to Mao Livehouse where they were no longer allowing people inside the building was when these kids played last year.

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