Official Band Statement: Black Cat Bone – Lights out, Time for the Curtain Fall

It’s a sad day at ‘daze HQ as one of our favorite bands in Beijing calls it quits after many years of bloozing around the city and the country.
They’re a band that did set some standards in regards to musicianship, showmanship and professionalism over the past few years and while they might not have a big legacy, sure they left me with tons of memories, both on and off stage.. albeit, said memories might be a bit on the hazy” side… This little paragraph from their CD release is the best way I’ve seen to describe them:

Dark crowded room. Hot sweaty dancers. Crowd swaying to the rhythm. You know as soon as you walk in the door something is happening. This is a scene. This is a party. You get yourself a drink and push through to the front of the room. The rhythm is pounding. The singer is growling. The songs are about things that happen in your life. This is hard nosed. This is REAL. This is BLACK CAT BONE

Here is the official statement from the band that they have asked me to convey:


After eight years of hard rockin’ kick ass blues, BLACK CAT BONE has decided it’s time…

Time to take of the shades….hang up the suits….switch off the amps…and turn of the lights.

It’s been an amazing eight years…full of great gigs…wild nights…and lifelong memories.

We will never forget all our friends who became fans and all our fans who became friends. Thank you all for the memories.

But now the time has come to say good bye


You can still get Black Cat Bones CD, Drinking Alone over at CD Baby:
Thank you guys for the fun times and the memories…. see you on the flip side!

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1 Response

  1. Jackson says:

    RIP dudes…I didn’t make your last shows but I’ve been there since the first. Keep on keepin’ on…