When the Music’s Over: D-22 Set to Close Down

It’s probably been one of the worst kept secrets of the music industry in Beijing over the past 2 months but i guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: D-22 is set to shut down! The writing has been on the wall for a while with the place really being a shadow of its former self recently with sub-par attendance on every occasion i’ve gone there ( 5 times this year) including their birthday bash after MIDI.
Now, it looks like this weekend’s shows are pretty much all she wrote!!!!!!

I spoke to Nevin Domer a few weeks ago about the situation and the Maybe Mars gang is definitely looking at reopening something new and fresh in the new year so keep your eyes peeled on that!
I’ve never been a D-22 person for various reasons, mostly distance-related. That said, I still think they deserve a lot of respect for having nurtured a good 2 generations of musicians in Wudaokou. Their impact on the Beijing/China rock scene remains to be seen over long term if any of their bands survive the test of time…. However, the immediate impact is that we’re losing a venue with good integrity and the kids will be missing their homebase.

We’re far away I guess from that day in 2007 at the now defunct Bank Bar in gongti when D-22 shocked Beijing’s F&B scene by winning the Bar of the Year Award…
I’d be lying if I said I will miss the place because as it stands, I don’t go there much… I do think that tons of people will miss it and this is one closure that’s tipping the scales even more in favor of Gulou being the musical epicenter of Beijing.

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3 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    Wow, that is news to me! I remember putting the PA together in there with Mark same day of the first show (Car Sick Cars were one of the bands).

    That was a cool venue. I am totally expecting they have something up their sleeve. Hopefully over East a bit as the distance is the exact same reason I don’t go very ofter.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    They’re planning to open a smaller venue in the future concentrating mostly on smaller student type bands like their zooming night series.

  3. Jarome says:

    Smaller venue? I thought D-22 was pretty small for one of the main indie rock venues in China…
    The fact remains, it’s rough to run a foreign owned business in China. It’s chewed up and hurled up the best of the top companies, and I know Michael still hasn’t made back the money put in