Song Ke: Why is the Chinese Music Industry Declining?

An interesting piece of reading is making the rounds in the Chinese web right now, with many musicians chiming in and sharing their opinions. It’s courtesy of Song Ke, one of the more influential figures in the Chinese pop music industry with a career that includes time at Warner Music, managing Linkin Park‘s digital rights in China and more.

It’s a long read and my limited Chinese is getting in the way of a full understanding but from the bit I’ve understood, this is a well constructed critique of the industry and all the players. From revenue sharing to artist responsibility, it seems to cover it all. Highly recommended if you read Chinese and are interested in the Chinese music industry.

3 Responses

  1. dw says:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED to hear Linkin Park has any rights at all, I wouldn’t even allow them freedom of assembly.

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