Beijing Beagle: Rock’n Roll Dog Missing

Most of the time, I write utter crap on here… yeah, we’re full of it at ‘daze but every so often, we try and get serious, like now! And what’s more serious than a missing Beijing Beatle Beagle?
Seriously folks, if you’ve seen this puppy running around the gulou area, give Gringo a call

Help! Gringo has lost his Beijing Beagle 🙁

I am Gringo. I lost my cute Beagle called ‘Pinot’ on Monday 27th February in the evening. He escaped from my home located between the Lama Temple and Dongzhimen Beixiaojie. He is the only family I have. Thanks for calling me if you saw him.
RMB 1,000 reward. Gringo: 139 1137 9593

在2月27日周一晚,我不慎遗失爱犬一只,样貌请见图片。 本人一直与此狗相依为命,度过数个年华,感情深厚。突失此犬,伤心欲绝,夜不能寝,影响生活。希望好心的朋友如有遇见此狗,知其下落者,请立即联系格利华,139 1137 9593。本人愿以千元重谢 !!!

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  1. Jackson says:

    Poor guy, hope Pinot turns up. Alex and I just got a beagle puppy (we named him Bridger after “Jim Bridger” fame) and I can’t imagine him disappearing. Fingers crossed!