Save the Date: Hanggai Music Festival 2012 Brings World Music to Mako

Things are heating up folks… It’s looking as if April and May 2012 will be filled with musical goodness! And I mean filled. More information on each even will follow in due time but for now, we’re gonna be looking at the freshly announced Hanggai Music Festival 2012.

When: May 5 and 6th 2012 at Mako Livehouse
What: Hanggai World Music Festival

Not all the bands have been listed yet but the little I’ve seen is already appetizing: Yemen Blues (Yemen / Israel) is freaking magical… They produce some awesome world music fusing middle eastern rhythms with Jazz and Funk. Rhythm of Rajasthan (India) is one hell of an ensemble that has been celebrated worldwide. Tiloun (France / Reunion Island) plays Maloya, a music indigenous to the island that is quite reminiscent of Capoeira. The sounds are soft and hash, all at once and if it were not for them being island-based, these guys would be a heck of a lot more famous.
Hanggai of course in on the bill, Dolan, Nancheng Er Ge and more….

Check out this video of Yemen Blues to get a taste… mesmerizing

This is looking like a must see folks!

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