Party for the Awesome Miao – This Friday at Lantern

A special one folks… rockers, dancers, screamers, surfers… answer the call:

Most of this blog’s readers are rooted in rock n roll so you might not know who Miao Wong is and I’m here to tell you she’s an awesome person carrying on her shoulders the weight of a different type of underground music in Beijing:
Miao has been a stalwart of this city’s electronic scene: founding member of Acupuncture Records, and fixture at White Rabbit, Lantern and supporter of local EDM artists no matter what label they’re on or where they perform. Last week, she was admitted to hospital preceding the removal of a brain tumor, which will happen this Friday.

To help out with the costs involved with a three-week hospital stay and brain surgery, the friends she’s made in Beijing are rallying together and hosting a party at Lantern on April 6. Dubbed Party For The Awesome Miao, all of the ticket sales will go towards hospital fees, and you’ll get to dance to some of the best names in EDM – DJ Weng Weng, Elvis.T, Chozie, Patrick Yu and Saul D.

More Info:
I might not be the biggest fan of electronic music but those guys have their work cut out for them and Miao is leading the charge with smile, even from her hospital bed!!! and that is Rock n Roll.

To quote my friend Alex, 加油Miao

3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I’m going! Will you~?

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    I actually will… After checking out King Lychee at Mao Live

  3. Alex says:

    I’ll be across the road at Temple, but yay!