MIDI Day 1 Quicknotes: Oh Yeah… A Great Way to Kick Things Off with a Few Hiccups.

I spent the day at MIDI yesterday so I figured I’d throw in a couple of notes and comments for those planning or trying to decide whether to go there or not.

– The new location is superb… The rowing park in shunyi is amazing and I’d go back in a heartbeack.
– It takes about one hour and half to get there from downtown Beijing.. not really that much more time that before and the shuttles were well organized. It took us just as long with a Taxi and cost 150RMB
– Plenty of foods to go around at an average of 20 RMB per serving
– Tiger Beer at 10RMB/cup & Wine from Cheers at 20 RMB a huge cup. Wine was actually beyond decent.
– 3 Main Stages: Tang (biggest) Song (mid-level) and Qing (smallest) all had their crowds throughout the day. Even late at night when Yaksa and Cui Jian were playing, the small Qing Stage was hopping
– The sound on the Song Stage was the worst i’d heard in a while.. too muffled! Even bands like suffocated came out tamed.
– The Tang Stage had the biggest names of the day and it was not bad overall. They did a great job with Twisted Machine, Useless ID and La Souris Deglinguee. unfortunately, whomever was doing sound for Cui Jian sucked big time. We ended up leaving halfway through.
– Good turnout with probably a good 10,000 people inside the park.
– It was pretty much impossible to go online from the venue but u heard Strawberry had the same problems.. we won’t be making any over analysis of the thing.. by 8:00 pm, we could finally do things again.

I heard through the grapevine that Strawberry was plagued with the usual problems of logistics and lack of drinks so I’m really tempted to change gears and head to MIDI for day 3.. They’re just so much nicer people there!

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  1. Robin says:

    hey Daze good to know you had a enjoy one at midi. Sindy and I went to strawberry yesterday and it was pretty cool. the sound at every stage was actually listenable. but have to say the blond redhead was a bit disappointing. I’d recommend you go check it out too maybe day 3, and yes shortage of water supply sucks so bring some with you ( even thought they will force you to put your water in the paper cup at the door..