Making Strides… Suffocated, Brain Failure and others on National TV

we’re going mainstream folks, slowly but surely! A few years ago, there was no place for Yao Gun on National Chinese TV, especially not the Metal and Punk Variety. Now, it’s all changing!
With football ( Euro 2012) dominating the headlines, it’s easy to forget about the music but CCTV5 is making sure this doesn’t happen. Before every game, they have been showing a 10 mn clip with a local rock band, all pre-recorded a few weeks ago during a 2 day extravaganza at Tango. And guess what, Suffocated is one of those bands… yes, probably the reigning kings of metaldom in China were on National TV playing music and chatting:

How about them Metalheads? I love how the host went: “first thing i thought of after hearing you guys is “where are the lyrics”.. it’s cute almost!
There is slowly more mainstream acceptance for this and I’m loving it.
I’m gonna try to collect all the clips when I have time. For now, enjoy suffocated embeded in here and click over to CNTV website for some more like Brain Failure in the link below.

man man lai

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