News To Ooze: No Megadeth, Welcome Apocalyptica, Beijinger Showcase, Punk & Hardcore Festivals

Well well well… Megadeth’s show on August 3rd has been “postponed” until further notice. This doesn’t really come as a surprise. 2 weeks to the show, no prices were announced, no advertising was printing etc.. I’m not sure the folks from Guitar China have any credibility left outside of a few hardcore fan who believe their “we’re the victim” cries. They had a major fuck up with Dream Theatre not too long ago and now they pulled off this one. The consensus since day one was that it was impossible that Megadeth would be playing Tango: Too small, they’re too expensive and somethings just didn’t add up.

On the other hand, Apocalyptica is confirmed to play at Yugong Yishan this September. Originally, rumors had them playing Beijing earlier this summer at the workers’ gym but nothing came out of that. They are reportedly confirmed for September 7th at Yugong Yishan which has the potential for being a madhouse considering the legions of Metallica fans in China and how this is the closest they’ll get to it for a little while. They’re also playing Mao Live in Shanghai.

The Beijinger has announced the lineup for their New Music Showcase at 2 Kolegas. Looking good with Subs, Bad Mamasan, Residence A, Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Not There etc…. I can’t complain: half the bands on the lineup were there for ‘dazeFEAST.
Hoever, I’m kinda bummed a little bit though because I really was hoping they’d go out and help discover new bands, bring in something fresh and unknown. Pretty much all the bands on the lineup have been around for years and years now. Still, the even should be loads of fun with the promise of Free flowing beer for 7 hours and even some lamb apparently. They’ve also just now added the words “mystery guests” so I’m thinking it’s gonna be worth that 100rmb admission fee

The Beijing Punk Festival is BACK, bigger and badder than ever. This year, it’s held over two days (August 18/19) with all the usual suspects gathering at Mao Livehouse. They’ve pulled the big guns out bringing in a slew of acts from Japan and elsewhere. The usual suspects will be there like Misandao, SUBS, Unregenerate Blood and more. This has become one of my favorite events of the year as there’s always some new band I’ve never heard off kicking ass. Last year’s surprise was The Last Choice from Changsha.. let’s see what this year brings.

Finally, the good kids from Unregenerate Blood have managed to setup the 1st HARDCORE festival for late august. All the usual Beijing suspects will be there but even more so, King fucking Ly Chee will be back in Beijing for this one. If you’ve read my review of their Beijing gig a few months back, then you know those guys killed it!! this is a no miss….

a lot coming up in August…we’re still gonna be rocking.

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8 Responses

  1. e-head says:

    Same bands, lamb, 2K, but 100RMB? DazeFEAST is still the best party of the year!

  2. Where: Mao Livehouse
    When: Fri 3 Aug, 21:00
    How Much: 100RMB
    Who: The Gar, Hedgehog, Casino Demon

    • Ruby says:

      Lol~ Shaun, that show needs no promotion! Everyone in the city knows/will be at Mao on Friday for The Gar’s annual performance, I’m picking it’ll be more packed than Voodoo Kungfu’s final show.

      But for people who don’t want to be crushed in a room full of sweaty hipsters, there’s also a cool little show happening down at Old What the night …

  3. goddamn i’d love to see the Gar again….

  4. Jonathan says:

    Agree with a lot of what Daze has to say about the Beijinger showcase, but I’m happy they’re getting more involved with the scene. 100 bucks for all that beer is pretty dope. Looking forward to grooving and drinking. Maybe not quite as late as DazeFeast though…

  5. Ruby says:

    Hey Jonathan, I have to disagree with you there, TBJ are not getting more involved in the scene, they’re actually effectively pulling out of the music scene. If you look at their last issue there were two small pieces on intl touring bands and one interview with a local bartender about his favourite music – absoluutely nothing pertaining to local music scene at all.

    Their ‘music editor’ has not been involved in this event, it’s being run by their pr/marketing team as a way of getting laowai to associate drinking & fun times with TBJ image, using the tags ‘new band showcase’ and ‘free beer’ to pull people in. In fact most of the bands playing have been together over 3 years, and are not ‘new’ at all. I work closely with a couple of the bands involved, so I know a little about how it’s being organized and it feels to me like they’re are using rather than supporting the local scene in this.

    As much as I’d love to go support my friends who are playing the thought of being stuck at 2k with hordes of drunk laowai is not appealing – esp. since the same night I have the choice of Punk Festival at Mao, Max Star Festival at Ditan and at least 2 club shows I want to catch. I hope the other bands go into this like you with the idea that it’s just a big party and I really hope they feel like they’ve got something out of it in the end.

  6. Ruby:

    We’re just looking at the show as a chance to play for some new people at a venue we really like. Hopefully, putting this thing on will incentivize the Beijinger to be more involved with the music scene.

  7. Ruby says:

    Jonathan, it’s great that you guys can look at it that way. Not wanting to judge, but you guys are possibly in a position where you can afford to play shows just for fun? Other bands involved in this may not have day jobs, or have ones that only pay enough for them to survive. Their music is their life, so playing a show they have to be more wary of how much they will be paid and/or what promotional opportunities it gives them and balance those things. I’m sure you’ve seen all the posters going round online about musicians deserving to be paid and respected like any other career!