Down Goes the Rabbit and No Fun

two festivals went down today…

First, Fangshan Fun Festival ( who?) sent out an announcement that they would be cancelling their event in light of the floodings from a few weeks back. This one was scheduled for August 24-26 with heavy emphasis on electronic music with the likes of DJ Chowie, Pet Conspiracy and more.

Black Rabbit 2012 was the second casualty with the organizers pulling the plug on their second edition. This one was actually quite good last year according to most concert goers and I knew the folks at Split works worked really hard on this. Shame it’s gone down this way, really.

We all figured 2012 would be a weird year for foreign acts coming in but it’s only really starting to take effect now, at least for the major names. Don’t expect anything major to take place in Beijing before November folks… really!

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  1. Ruby says:

    Music Funhills is off, aw, that one was a great day trip last year! I’ve heard reports fom Fangshan based friends that the flooding damage/casualties were a lot worse out there than the govt are saying, so it makes sense that this one got cancelled.

    What’s the official reason for Black Rabbit cancellation? It’s Shanghai that’s been cancelled? (Beijing wasn’t going ahead this year anyway)