Back in the Ring: CD Blues Find a New Home Sweet Home

I might not have been a huge supported of CD Blues and especially not their pricing schemes but I was quite pleased when they sent out a missive that they had secured a new spot and would be getting back in the thik of things sooner than later.

proposed sketch of new facade

The new location is a little more accessible, just north of Ritan Park with quite a decent potential if they play their cards right. It’s a heck of a lot more central than they were albeit a little hidden if the mapping is right.

It should be at
shén lù jiē 39 hào yuàn 2 hào lóu 1-28/29

The place will go on soft opening later this month. They will have western food and the usual blues fare bringing some new life to a really underrated side of Beijing.
Good luckl to Big John and the gang with the new venture.

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