News to ooze: international post rock bands visiting this month

Post rock fans are in for a treat over the next couple of weeks with 3 very different international bands visiting Beijing from opposite ends of the world showing just how broad this genre of music can be.

Silent Scenery from Malaysia are visiting as part of their first mainland China tour. Their music is more towards the indie end of post rock, a little more upbeat with some vocals. Their latest album 2011’s These Still Moments has been called a hybrid of Death Cab for Cutie & Thursday. Check out the tracks Festival & Twilight Pulse on douban:

Silent Scenery
Wednesday Sept. 19 (tomorrow)

Childs from Mexico claim to create ‘electronic lullabies’. They’ve been compared to Sigur Ros and their music has a shoegazey, dreamy almost pop feel. But it’s not all electronic, they use live instrumentation and their performances are said to be very intense. Check out the tracks Yui & Rada on douban:

Monday Oct. 1
Yugong Yishan
RMB80 (advance) / RMB 120 (door)

Caves of Steel from Norway are playing Splitworks Rabbit’s Foot festival in Shanghai, and trying to organize a trip up to Beijing to play for us too. They’re the heaviest of the three bands, they call themselves instrumental post rock/post metal, but their music also encompasses indie, electronica, and even some 70’s psychedelic influences. Check out the tracks Last Citizen of the USSR and Honey Trap on douban:

Caves of Steel
Oct 11-12
Date & venue tbc

Also, Beijing post rock band Sparrow have finished their new album and are taking it on tour around the Mainland after the October Holiday. They’ll be back in Beijing November 3rd for the album launch at Mao.


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